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You might be wondering what to wear to your shoot... Seniors:
Anything you would like to wear will be Ok. Are you in any extracurricular activities? Bring your equipment with you to your shoot, from ball sports to FFA and 4-H. Maternity: Ladies, I completely understand how uncomfortable pregnancy can be, however, some things to keep in mind when you come to your shoot. It is best to keep your colors solid. Patterns aren't always flattering and can often prove troublesome when trying to enhance your beauty in post production. If you're questioning your choice of clothing, please contact me BEFORE the day of the shoot so we can go over your choice of wardrobe. Newborns: It is typically best to capture your priceless moments between day 4 and 14 when your baby is likely to sleep soundly which is required for the cute and creative poses, so please keep your due date in mind when you book your session with me. I do allow time for unexpected labor so we can adjust your date accordingly. I also leave time for newborns that weren't booked with advanced notice, so if you happen to need a session when you've just had a baby, don't fret. I can most likely get you in. Clothing is always optional for babies. Don't feel like you have to spend a lot of money on your baby's wardrobe, instead, accessories will usually work since most parents like the bare baby pictures the most. Accessories may include headbands and tutus for girls and neckties for boys just to name a few suggestions. I am always growing my inventory of accessories and props. A satisfied baby is always best to have for a shoot so be sure that you will be able to feed in studio. Bring your essentials with you such as bottles, formula and pacifier (if your baby uses one). Baby's comfort is key when photographing. Remembering that your baby is used to a very warm temperature from being in a warm belly, dress lightly if you are hot natured since the baby's comfort will be my number one goal while I am shooting. I will typically have cleanup items such as burp cloths, wipes, and diapers in a few sizes. Keep in mind though that my stock is not meant to replace the need your baby has. Some babies have sensitivities to certain products. Since babies do whatever they want when they want no matter what we have planned, some shots may be tricky or just impossible. Your baby might be wide awake the entire time we shoot and you might have your heart set on a photo that depicts your baby sleeping soundly. Don't worry, these keepsakes will be treasured no matter if baby was awake or asleep. When considering post production of your images, we must first take into consideration the fact that we must start with the best possible canvas. I suggest using Eucerin or Aquafor the morning of the shoot after their bath to keep everything soft and smooth. If you require an in-home or on location session, please note that these are done in natural light only. Please make sure there is adequate lighting where you want to shoot. Glamour:
Anything goes. Your imagination is your only limit. Individual, Family, Friends:
Solid colors are best. A lot of people like to color coordinate by wearing the same color shirt. If would like to use complementary colors, please remember to consult a color wheel when choosing your colors. See the example provided below. Cake Smash:
Babies are always fun to photograph while they are smashing into a cake. They can have clothes on or not, but if they do, keep in mind some food coloring can stain clothes.
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